Monday, September 14, 2009

Funniest thing Ive heard in a while!!! (MUST READ)

I just found out through a customer in which I later saw for myself on their blog that a particular store in Memphis is trying to bad mouth us , saying that we are "breading" off them which for starters its misspelled and is actually "breeding".NO we are not breeding off your shop, TRUST ME. We have been  doing our thing long before Sneak Peek (Sneak Weak) was even in Memphis. We watch trends and changes as they happen in streetwear culture before it even shows up in Memphis, NOT based on what Sneak Peek has going on. Matter of fact, its YOU (Sneak Peek) who is registered as a follower of our blog.    Each day we are growing bigger and I thank our customers and future customers who know that they can count on us to get them the brands they cant find in Memphis, especially since we actually have an ACCOUNT with the brands we deal  with. We,unlike you, dont go to different stores and buy couple of shirts or shoes of a particular brand and  then pretend that we have that account nor do we go on Ebay and buy clothes and then sell them in our shop.. TRUST ME, we are not concerned with what you carry nor do we care and do you know why? Because we dont feel threatened by you. Our experience and knowedge of the streetwear and urban industry goes back many  years. We arent the petty type to try and peak on the competition to gain an edge because we already have that edge due to hard work and time we put into Venom.. We are here to make a statement in Memphis as the Premiere Streetwear Shop. I hate that I had to go there with you and can easily go further. To take a jab at us and try and tarnish the hard work we have built up is not the wisest thing to do and I would not suggest it.


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