Friday, September 25, 2009

$20 T- shirt SALE :Crooks&Castles , The Hundreds , 10 deep , Akomplice and Rocksmith Tokyo shirts

We are overstocked on goods and need to make room for upcoming deliveries. So just like the expression goes "our loss is your gain" we put  together a good stock of t- shirts from your favorite brands like Crooks&Castles , The Hundreds , 10 deep , Akomplice  and Rocksmith Tokyo shirts and put them on sale for $20 bucks. Dont come in Monday morning and give us some excuses on why you couldn't make it this weekend and ask if you can still get some of the shirts for $20 because unfortunately, the answer will be "No". This is for THIS WEEKEND ONLY. Stop by and ask which shirts they are. See you soon


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Android Homme

Lunar Rover $240

Android Homme is the next wave of High Fashion, Street ready footwear for men . These kicks are proper execution of creativity, comfort and construction.We have the Lunar Rover in silver and red and later on will get in the other styles . This is for the guy that wants something no one else has, and I mean NO ONE. Venom is the only shop in Memphis and on a wider scale, one of a handful of accounts. Come check em out


New Fall Deliveries of HUF , King Stampede , Dissizit ,Mishka and Android Homme are now  all available at Venom. Crazy right? I know......Come  check it out,

Friday, September 18, 2009

BLOG SPECIAL : Huge Sale on The Hundreds !!

If you like the Hundreds ,  this weekend would be the BEST time for you to rack up on your favorite Hundreds shirts. Buy any shirt and get a 2nd shirt thats equal or lesser value for HALF OFF!! You have to mention you saw it on our blog.Simple as that..We rarely ever put it this stuff sale because most of it goes before it needs to be.  Anyway , its only gonna last until Sunday at Venom in Southland Mall..

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

King Stampede Just Arrived

Fall delivery of King Stampede just came in. I will post pics up in a little while. The hoodies are sharp as hell.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Crooks & Castles SE Racing Bike #194 of 300 available at Venom

Venom is THE ONLY PLACE in Memphis that has this Crooks and SE Racing limited bike. Only 300 worldwide were made. We have bike # 194. There is a special limited Crooks fitted and tee that was made for the bike which we also have. No joy rides.Serious buyers call at 901-396-9226


Monday, September 14, 2009

Funniest thing Ive heard in a while!!! (MUST READ)

I just found out through a customer in which I later saw for myself on their blog that a particular store in Memphis is trying to bad mouth us , saying that we are "breading" off them which for starters its misspelled and is actually "breeding".NO we are not breeding off your shop, TRUST ME. We have been  doing our thing long before Sneak Peek (Sneak Weak) was even in Memphis. We watch trends and changes as they happen in streetwear culture before it even shows up in Memphis, NOT based on what Sneak Peek has going on. Matter of fact, its YOU (Sneak Peek) who is registered as a follower of our blog.    Each day we are growing bigger and I thank our customers and future customers who know that they can count on us to get them the brands they cant find in Memphis, especially since we actually have an ACCOUNT with the brands we deal  with. We,unlike you, dont go to different stores and buy couple of shirts or shoes of a particular brand and  then pretend that we have that account nor do we go on Ebay and buy clothes and then sell them in our shop.. TRUST ME, we are not concerned with what you carry nor do we care and do you know why? Because we dont feel threatened by you. Our experience and knowedge of the streetwear and urban industry goes back many  years. We arent the petty type to try and peak on the competition to gain an edge because we already have that edge due to hard work and time we put into Venom.. We are here to make a statement in Memphis as the Premiere Streetwear Shop. I hate that I had to go there with you and can easily go further. To take a jab at us and try and tarnish the hard work we have built up is not the wisest thing to do and I would not suggest it.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

So many Fall Deliveries just hit Venom

Fall Deliveries from 10 Deep ,Crooks & Castles ,Mishka , Diamond Supply , Undefeated , The Hundreds ,and others. Come see for yourself all the different goods


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Venom # 2 coming soon

I dont think I have learned so much so fast in my life. Construction is a motherfu#@er. Our second store opening, which should have been opened by now, is postponed because the jackass who worked on the store messed alot of things up.Now we have a REAL construction crew working deligently in correcting the errors. Our expected grand opening will be pushed back for another 2 weeks. But trust me, this time its for real. I can not wait to reveal the store so I can watch peoples jaws drop in awwww, its going to look spectacular , NO other store in MEMPHIS, will be able to compare with this.

Until Next time