Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Arrival: REBEL 8 now at Venom

After patiently waiting for a couple of weeks , Rebel 8 is finally available at Venom. Rebel 8 was founded in 2003 by Joshy D and Mike Giant. REBEL8 is a San Francisco streetwear company with deep roots in skateboard, graffiti, and tattoo cultures .Included in this collection is the Mishka and Rebel 8 collaboration as well as some very nice cut and sew pieces. Come check out the collection and yes a few womens tees are available as well. Venom is the only place in Memphis to find Rebel 8.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Venom Memphis:Total Savage Website is now up and running


Total Savage, hailing from Memphis, TN, is a multi-talented artist who is quickly getting the attention of many ears who  listen to his music.Total Savage realized that he wanted to explore hip hop at the age of 14 after hearing Souls of Mischief’s “93 ‘Til Infiinity.” Over the next several years he immersed himself in the genre and it changed the way he saw music. As a result, he decided that he “wanted to make an album that changes someone’s life,” as those that he discovered had for him. Total Savage’s influences range from NAS, Eyedea & Abilities, The Beastie Boys, and Hieroglyphics. Total Savage is the epitome of today’s independent artist in that the beats, lyrics, instrumentation, production, and mixing are all done in his personal home studio. Savage holds his own in a genre where lyricism is the foundation of the art. With emotive vocals, authentic lyrics, and unyielding fluidity, Total Savage succeeds in proving that he is a skilled lyricist and producer at the young age of 19. His versatility is also made evident through the transitions and genre infusions in his tracks.Total Savage has a CD labeled "Rise to the Occasion" which can be purchased on itunes and most importantly check out the website

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Play Cloths Spring Delivery 2 available at Venom

The second delivery of one of the fastest growing brands by rapper duo "Clipse" has hit the shelves at Venom. Back pack, belts, tees and polos in perfect colorways. Come check it out


Venom Memphis: Capital New Era now available at Venom

Some of the dopest fitteds I've seen in a long time,look for Capital to make a name for themselves and be at Venom for a long time

Venom Memphis: The Hundreds Swap Watch now available

Anytime The Hundreds releases a watch, its safe to say that once they are sold out (they aren't mass produced) its deemed impossible to find. Well the same rule applies with the new "Swap" watch which gets its name because it comes with different color straps that you can interchange. It takes the work out of stressing over little accessories to color coordinate the shoes or shirt you are wearing. Only 5 in stock at Venom. Bring yopur ass before they are gone


Monday, March 22, 2010

The Hundreds Spring Delivery 2 is now available at Venom

Come be the first to grab some of the NEWEST Hundreds that just arrived. The Hundreds Spring Delivery 2 is fire as hell. New tees, shorts, hats, and watches in a variety of colors.Venom is THE place to find The Hundreds in Memphis.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Venom Memphis: ALL Mishka is 50% OFF

All Mishka button downs and tees are half off.


Friday, March 19, 2010

Venom Memphis: Rogue Status Spring Delivery at Venom

The Spring shipment of Rogue Status is available at Venom in Oak Court. Come by to view the goods.

Venom Memphis- New Delivery of G-Shock watches have ARRIVED!!!

By far the freshest order we have received from the folks over at G-Shock, some familiar watches along with some new designs to kick off what will turn out to be a huge year for G-Shock. Come by Venom to check them out.


(There are more available than what is pictured)

Venom Memphis: Gourmet Shoes in stock

We received a Gourmet order in since we were running really low. The Gourmet Uno C and the Quattro C which have a great price point. Come by Venom in Oak Court to check them out.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Delivery of Artful Dodger at Venom

A new delivery of Artful Dodger is now available at Venom in Southland Mall.This delivery has some really nice tee's, polo's, button downs, and jeans to compliment the tops as the weather begins to warm up.Come by to check out the collection.


Venom Memphis: Reorder of Obey has Arrived

With the Obey stock we have running dangerously low and complete chaos about to brew up, a blinding light shined down a hallway. That light came in the form of UPS delivering a much needed Obey shipment, especially seeing as how the Obey Summer 2010 doesn't begin shipping until a month from now.  Come to Venom in Memphis, TN to find Obey.